Solar Installation Process Chart

The following DG Interconnection process shall be used by any DG Owner for the installation and implementation of a DG system. It also explains how Pearl River Valley EPA (PRVEPA) and Cooperative Energy will administrate the DG process, including the Distributed Generation payment program for paying a DG Owner for excess energy generated. These steps are necessary in order to meet all safety, regulatory and operational requirements associated with attaching a DG system to the national electric grid.

First Steps: Information to DG Owner about Interconnection Process

  1. Owner contacts PRVEPA about interconnection process. 
  2. PRVEPA explains interconnection process and sends DG Documents and Interconnection Agreement to Owner. 
  3. Owner submits an Application, a One-Line Diagram of proposed system and other supporting documentation to PRVEPA. 
  4. PRVEPA reviews Application and notifies Owner when Application is approved and provides Owner with a notice to proceed with installation

DG Owner moves forward with Installation

  1. Owner notifies PRVEPA of intentions to move forward and proceeds with the installation of the DG System. 
  2. Owner notifies PRVEPA when installation is complete and coordinates commissioning test procedure and date with PRVEPA.

Commissioning Test

Note: DG installation will be commissioned only after a test witnessed by Owner, PRVEPA and Cooperative Energy.

1. PRVEPA and Cooperative Energy will meet Owner on-site to witness a commissioning test. a. If necessary, Owner corrects any item(s) noted during commissioning and contacts PRVEPA for reinspection. 

2. All documentation is signed and executed by Owner, PRVEPA, and Cooperative Energy. 

  • Application 
  • Interconnection Agreement 
  • W-9 Form (if Owner plans to sell excess energy) 

3. Fees paid to PRVEPA; or Owner may agree to be billed for any fees.

4. Periodic Testing schedule agreed upon between Owner and PRVEPA.

5. PRVEPA notifies Owner that DG System may be placed in-service upon completion of commissioning test and execution of all documentation.

Completion of Paperwork

PRVEPA sends to Owner: 

1. One fully Executed Interconnection Agreement via email.

DG System in Operation – selling excess energy

1. Owner is paid for any excess energy that is placed back onto the PRVEPA distribution system

2. PRVEPA meters excess energy and sends monthly DG readings to Cooperative Energy. 

3. Cooperative Energy sends PRVEPA monthly DG Payment status. 

4. Cooperative Energy creates DG payment check for DG Owner when:

a. DG payment amount accrues to $25 or greater; 

b. End-of-year DG closeout payment.

General Information

1. When applicable, Cooperative Energy will purchase surplus energy at the rate stated in PRVEPA’s Power Purchase Agreement for excess DG energy sold to electric grid, updated annually; the current rate is 4.5 cents/KWH. 

2. Cooperative Energy will retain the original DG Interconnection Agreement documents and will distribute executed copies to Owner and PRVEPA. 

3. Owner will furnish and install a visible disconnect opening required by PRVEPA along with permanent labeling attached with screws or rivets. 

4. DG system shall not be turned on or connected to the grid until Owner notifies and schedules with PRVEPA a commissioning date and time for Owner to test wiring and verify functionality of DG system (penalties are enumerated in PRVEPA’s DG Policies and Fees). 

5. Owner is responsible for and shall perform Periodic Testing of DG system as required by DG standards and furnish PRVEPA copies of same.

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