Proper Trimming Prevents Outages

The fact is, most storm-related outages in our area are caused by trees or overhanging branches falling into power lines. For that reason, we conduct regular vegetation management and trim branches that are too close to the lines. During severe storms, seemingly healthy branches or even entire trees can fall into power lines. Outages under these conditions cannot always be prevented, even with regular trimming practices. 

Reliability and customer service are our top priorities.

Your help and understanding is a vital element in this ongoing effort and you can assist us by inspecting your trees for hazards and having them professionally maintained every few years. Trees that grow fast and tall should never be planted directly under or near power lines.

Pearl River Valley Electric works with local jurisdictions, state arborists, public works and forestry personnel to identify measures that can reduce the potential of trees damaging overhead lines during severe weather.

We also continually upgrade our facilities to keep pace with growth in our area and to enhance our service reliability.

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