Report an Outage

Pearl River Valley Electric has an excellent service reliability record. Most power outages occur unexpectedly due to uncontrollable factors such as lightning, high winds and heavy rains.

The fastest and easiest way to report an outage is by using our app or our Outage Center

To contact us anytime, please use our toll free number: 855-2PRVEPA (855-277-8372).

Before contacting us to report an outage, check the following:

  • Check to see if your neighbor has power.
  • Check for blown fuses or tripped breakers in your switchbox panel.
  • Turn off all major electrical appliances that were on, especially home computers, televisions, DVD players and your central heating/cooling unit.
  • If fuses and breakers are okay, please call to tell us that your service is out.

During regular office hours, you may call your local Pearl River Valley Electric office to report an outage. 

Columbia  601-736-2666        

Hattiesburg  601-264-2458

Purvis  601-794-8051             

Wiggins  601-928-7277

To report an outage online or check on restoration status, visit the Outage Center.

When a major outage occurs and large numbers of members are without electricity, our dispatchers may be unable to personally answer all the incoming calls. In this situation, our automatic call handling system will be activated. You will be prompted through the reporting process by an electronic voice. The system automatically matches your telephone number with your electric service address, so that when you call we can know your location. It is very important that members notify us about any changes to their contact telephone numbers.

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