Outages Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to report my outage?

For the quickest response please report your outage by calling 855-2PRVEPA or by using PRVEPA’s APP.  You can also go through our website and report your outage in our outage center.

What causes outages? 

Natural causes- Natural phenomena such as wind, lightning, freezing rain, and wildlife can cause outages.  Tree branches coming in contact with power lines can also cause outages.

Technology failure- Even though PRVEPA tirelessly maintains its infrastructure, equipment can wear out triggering an outage.

Human error- A variety of accidents including a car hitting an electrical pole and a tree being cut and falling on a line occur from time to time and can cause an outage.

Scheduled outages- Occasionally, we interrupt service to conduct maintenance or repair work.  We attempt to schedule these during the least inconvenient times.

How do you decide whose power is restored first?

During large scale outages we focus on the biggest repairs first to restore the most members.  In addition, critical services such as hospitals, fire, police take priority. 

Is priority given to members with medical needs?

We recognize the hardships that special medical needs members face during outages.  However, due to extreme system damage, it can take hours or even days to repair the system.  We encourage members with medical needs to prepare with an emergency plan.  Such a plan may include a portable generator, battery back-up for critical electrical devices and plans to move to an alternate location until power is restored.

How long will my food last during an outage?

According to the USDA your refrigerator will keep food safe for up to 4 hours during an outage.  A full freezer will hold a safe temperature for approximately 48 hrs.  Keep the fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible during power outages.

What should I do if I see a downed power line?

Treat downed lines as energized.  Do not go near the downed line and immediately call PRVEPA to report it. 

Why does my neighbor have power when I do not?

The power grid is a complex system.  Sometimes homes and businesses near each other are fed from different sources.  If your power is out, but those around you do have power, check your circuit breakers or fuses to see if they have tripped.  If you don’t find a problem, call PRVEPA.

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