Round Up for Education - Program Information

Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association is establishing a unique, cooperative program that will benefit our members and the areas we serve. Called Round Up for Education, it is a program designed to support higher education, which is fundamental to helping families and raising overall economic standards. Notification about the program was made to all members via the October 2012 Today in Mississippi newspaper.

Beginning in November 2012, all members’ bills will be rounded up to the nearest dollar each month. On average, each account will generate 50 cents per month, which will go into a fund maintained by the Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation. All collected funds will be deposited monthly in the Foundation account. 

Beginning in August 2013, funds accumulated through July 31 will be used to provide Fall semester scholarships for any Pearl River Valley Electric members participating in the Round Up program, or their spouses, children or legal dependents during their first year at a Mississippi community college. 10% of funds collected will be placed in an endowed trust for future use. Funds collected after August 1 of each year will accumulate toward scholarships for the next academic year and to the endowment. 

Application process

  • Applications are available online at or may be requested by calling or visiting a PRVEPA office. Applications are also normally available from high school guidance counselors. 
  • Applications will be due by the second Friday of August of each year (see current application for that year’s due date). 
  • Pearl River Valley Electric will verify student eligibility based on information submitted on each application and member account information. 
  • Incorrect or unverifiable information submitted on an application may disqualify a candidate. 
  • Applicants must be PRVEPA members participating in Round Up for Education, or their spouses, children or legal dependents. 
  • Scholarships are granted to full time (12 hours) students during the Fall semester of their freshman year at a Mississippi community college. Students may receive only one award.

Awarding of scholarships

  • PRVEPA will make reasonable efforts to confirm that each applicant is a student at the community college they indicate. 
  • Scholarships are expected to be awarded by the end of September each year. Students must be enrolled in good standing at the time funds are released to the colleges. 
  • Eligible recipients will be notified by mail at the address indicated on the application. 
  • Scholarship funds will be credited to each student’s college account—no checks will be issued to individuals. 
  • The amount of the scholarships each year will depend on funds collected and the number of applicants. Each recipient will receive the same amount (not to exceed $500.00). 
  • Any excess funds not applied to scholarships will be deposited into the endowment trust.

Members may opt-out of the Round Up program

  • Members may send PRVEPA a form that can be downloaded here
  • Members may call any PRVEPA office to indicate their desire to opt out. An internal form will be generated for our records. 
  • Members who opt out of the program during its first year will not be able to participate in the program for themselves or their dependents unless they have opted back in by December 31, 2013. In order to be eligible for a scholarship in following years, any member who has opted out of the program must opt back in no later than September 1 of the year preceding the next fall semester. (For example, a member opting in after September 1, 2017 but before September 1, 2018 will be eligible for the 2019 school year.)

Download opt-out form

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