Easements and Rights-of-Way

Electric Utilities require rights-of-way

A right-of-way (ROW) is a strip of land that an electric utility uses to construct, maintain and repair its power lines. The ROW allows the utility to keep the line clear of tall trees, buildings, and other structures that could interfere with line operation and safety. PRVEPA’s system has ROW widths varying between 30-50 feet.

ROW easements allow PRVEPA to build lines and provide service

When necessary, a member is required to sign an easement for new service as well as system improvement. An easement contract between a utility and a landowner is a legal restriction on land use that allows the utility to build, operate and maintain a power line. It also allows the landowner to retain general ownership and control of the land.

An easement gives PRVEPA the right to survey, construct, operate, maintain, upgrade and repair a line located on the defined ROW. The easement includes the right to clear and trim vegetation and trees from within the entire easement area once the line is built, as well as to remove danger trees adjacent to the ROW in order to ensure the safe and reliable distribution of electricity.

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